Sin sonca zrela linija, Steras (0.75 l)

Country:  Slovenia
Region:  Primorska / Slovenian Istria
Sugar level:  dry
Style:  full-bodied red
Stopnja alkohola:  14 %
Winemaker:  Steras
Volumen:  0,75 L

Dry wine. Type (cabernet sauvignon, refošk, cipro). The color is intense ruby ​​red with barely noticeable purple shades. The aroma is fruity with blackberries in the foreground, followed by plum and cherry on the fruity side and tobacco and pepper among the ripening aromas. Elegance and balance are present in the mouth. Despite the fact that it is still a very young wine, nothing stands out, which does not mean that it does not have a very long life ahead of it. Rather the opposite. The acidity is perceptible but pleasant, the tannins are soft and laid back. Individual varieties cannot be distinguished by taste, they all merge into one whole.

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