Malvasia Selekcija Amber, Batič (0.75 l)

Country:  Slovenia
Region:  Primorska
Sugar level:  dry
Sort:  Malvasia
Style:  full-bodied white
Stopnja alkohola:  13,5 %
Winemaker:  Batič
Volumen:  0,75 L

Dry wine. Deeper golden yellow color with amber shades. The flower is emphasized, after honey, orange peels, fine pine resin, spruce tops. Youthful (and mature at the same time), dry in the mouth, but not completely. Medium body with a good amount of ripe acidity. A little tart, just for the feeling. Full-flavoured, salty, the wine offers a nice tension with a good texture. Tasty, long, unique, very good

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