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We have everything our beautiful country has to offer to satisfy your taste. Please feel free and choose the option of your liking. We have curated these wines especially for you.

Our prices are fair and the same as prices of wine producers.

Fresh selection


- 6 bottles

  • ZELEN,sv. Matin, Vipava Valley, white, dry, 0,75l
  • PINELA, sv. Matin, Vipava Valley, white, dry, 0,75l
  • REBULA, sv. Matin, Vipava Valley, white, dry, 0,75l
  • ŠIPON DVERI PAX, Podravska region, white, dry, 0,75l
  • MALVAZIJA, Bordon, Slovenian Istria, white, dry, 0,75l
  • ŠIPON PENINA - DVERI PAX, classic method, extra dry, white, 0,75l
**Pair it with light food such as veggies, asian fusion, vegetarian cuisine, chicken meat, pork
meat, sea food and light cheese. It works well as aperitif and introduction to delicious meal.
**Free shipping within Slovenia
55,00 €

Strong selection


- 6 bottles

  • LUX, Constantini, Goriška Brda, red cuvee Cabernet-Merlot, dry, 0,75l
  • TRESSA RED, sv. Martin, Vipava Valley, red cuvee Barbera-Merlot, dry, 0,75l
  • TRESSA WHITE, sv. Martin, Vipava Valley, white cuvee Zelen-Pinela-Rebula-Klarnica, dry, 0,75l
  • REBULA, sv. Martin, Vipava Valley, orange, dry, 0,75l
  • REFOŠK, Bordon, Slovenian Istria, red, dry, 0,75l
  • BONDOR, Bordon, Slovenian Istria, red cuvee Cabernet s.-Cabernet f.-Refošk-Merlot, dry, 0,75l
**Pair it with heavier foods such as red meet, lamb, strong chees, pasta or drink it
without food in a good company.
**Free shipping within Slovenia
75,00 €

Sweet selection


- 3 bottles

  • Veronika, Kos, Podravska region, semi-sweet, 0,75l
  • Yellow muscat, Bordon, Slovenian Istria, semi-sweet, 0,75l
  • Yellow muscat, Cvelbar, Posavska region, semi-sweet, 0,75l
** Pair it with deserts. We recommend our favorites, Slovenian traditional ones, such as Potica, Kremšnita (Cremeschnitte) or Apple Strudel.
**Free shipping within Slovenia
25,00 €

Selection by your choice

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You may choose and mix wines from all the packages above, FRESH, STRONG and SWEET SELECTION or check out what we offer and choose your favorite wine producer listed here.
However there are many wines to choose that are not listed above. Give us a call or send
us an email, and we will be happy to help you find best selection for your taste.

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