Retro selection Amber Cuvee eco, Guerila (0.75 l)

Country:  Slovenia
Region:  Primorska
Sugar level:  dry
Style:  white cuvée
Stopnja alkohola:  13,5 %
Winemaker:  Guerila
Volumen:  0,75 L
Certificate:  ecological and biodynamic – Demeter

Dry wine (Pinela, Zelen, Rebula, Malvasija). Deep golden yellow color with amber shades. Not quite bright. The flower is accentuated, youthful. Acacia stands out, we also find woody notes, apricot, smoke. Fine, complex, intertwined. Dry in the mouth, moderate acidity, with exceptional flavor intensity, stronger, salty, tasty, and above all very long. The once abundant astringency due to prolonged contact with the skin is completely tamed and civilized in this wine. Excellent Vipava genre! Still young.

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